Bartolome Island, Galapagos.

Bartolome Island is an extinct volcano that belongs to the archipelago of Galapagos. It has an area of 1.2 Km2 and an altitude of 114 meters. It is named after Charles Darwin's best friend, a Lieutenant aboard HMS Beagle named Sir James Sullivan Bartholomew. Its lands of reddish, orange, green color and volcanic lava tuffs make this island have one of the most beautiful and representative landscapes of the islands. Visit it on a daily tour.

Bartolome island Galapagos.

How to visit this island?

Bartolome is 2 hours away by boat from the Itabaca channel. In order to get to know this beautiful island, you must do a 1-day tour. These tours are carried out on first class yachts or luxury yachts accompanied by 16 people. If you would like privacy, you can charter the boat.

Galapagos map.


Bartolomé Island is one of the islands part of the Galapagos archipelago. It is located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Ecuador and next to the east coast of Santiago Island.

Coordinates: 0°17′06″S 90°32′20″O

Pinnacle Bartolome island.


The pinnacle is the most representative shape of the island. This is a triangular-shaped rock that is part of a volcanic cone. At its feet there is sand of various colors. Here you can see various seabirds and Galapagos penguins perched upon rocks or swimming in search of food.

Galapagos penguin.

Flora and Fauna.

The island´s inhabitants are the Galapagos penguins, hawks, sea turtles, and tropical fish. The most common plants that can be found are lava cacti, mangroves, and sand flowers.

Galapagos hawk.
Lava cactus.
Sea turtle
Tropical fish.

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